Rugged Fit Approach to Design

Our Journey


As CrossFit athletes in a elite program we have clear understanding of the absolute requirements you deserve to ensure you keep developing your key skills. When we started acquiring our own home based equipment we found three fundamental issues, firstly, limited design aka not strong enough, not space sensitive and cost was totally misaligned to what you actually buying.

So our journey started, we designed and build rigs for ourselves and for other athletes in random. We only utilized the best materials and invested in the best tools. The outcome was an incredible rugged product at a affordable price that fitted into limited spaced areas.


Our Slogan "Because you Strong"

We believe average don’t cut it, as a lifter or CrossFitter you put yourself to the highest standard and have no problem being measured. So we measure and tested , we broke stuff and fell hard, so you don’t have to go through it. So what we have here is a robust space sensitive product that you can utilize daily. Our product carries a no question 2 year guarantee

Manufacturing Process

At Rugged Fit we only utilize the best materials for your equipment. All equipment is manufactured using 60mm x 60mm square tube as a basis. Everything attached to main strutures have been Mig Gas welded to ensure it stays for the total product life or when you Monkey around. The product is finished of with Duram DTM paint, I know its expensive paint , but you worth it.